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Team Feedback

Lovely people of the TUM Blockchain club. What an amazing show we put up last week. F*cKin INSANE!!!
But now is the time to take a step back and reflect on the conference, the organisation, the talks, and the possible memes for future events.
This club is an adult playground where we can make mistakes, learn from them, and then use them in the real world, where every action could have a serious consequence. But to improve oneself, we need first to understand the mistakes. So let's be HONEST and share the things that went well and the things that were not the best.
There will be no personal information recorded in this email. We will be discussing the feedback anonymously during the meeting.
If you think that there is something really serious you want to discuss and you don't want to do it publicly, please reach out to that person in a RESPECTABLE way and have a clear communication and sort out the issue :)

What do you think the team did an amazing job at?

What do you think the team didn't do a great job at?

If you think that someone from the team did something good and you want to specifically appreciate that person (or more), go for it.

Often time we forget to appreciate the people around us. But at TBC, we don't :)

If you think that someone (or more) has done something that bothered you, please write the name of the person as well as a CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM so that they can improve.

Constructive criticism is a type of feedback that offers "specific" and "actionable advice" to help people improve.
If you put a person's name, we will directly share this comment with that person. If and only if he/she agrees to discuss this in public, we will discuss it in the meeting. We don't want any public shaming but help them grow :)

Lastly, If you want to share some memes for the meeting so that the meeting doesn't get super serious, go ahead