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Reimbursement of expenses for club members

❗ Important Note

This form is only to be used for receipts that were not paid from club funds or for reimbursements to club members. If you are not (or no longer) a member of the TUM Blockchain Club, I.e. you no longer pay a membership fee for the current semester, no refund is possible via this form. Please create an invoice instead and send it to [email protected].
It is important that you please always try to receive an invoice with the address of the club and not your personal address! The address of the club is:
TUM Blockchain Club e.V. c/o AStA Büro
Arcisstraße 21
80333 Munich
VAT-ID: DE365534593
Please upload each receipt individually, i.e. one PDF or photo = one receipt. If you have several files for one receipt, please merge them into one file. You can submit up to 5 receipts with this form. If you would like to submit more, please submit a new form.

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